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Fishing Update - April 24, 2014

Posted by Jason Bellows on

The time of year for all of us who love to fish White Lake has finally come!

The lake has turned over and the fishing is heating up. The fishing is productive along the shoals using chironomids under indicators along with dragon fly nymph patterns and the new Les Robinson Balanced Leech. The Balanced Leech has been working very well when fished up on the shoals with your dry line, either under an indicator or without. Boats have been having 50 fish days using Les's Leech patterns. We stock them in the store in several different colours but they sell out fast and poor Les is tying his fingers off. We just received 5 dozen Leeches and I don't expect them to last though the weekend so come on in and grab them while they are here.

Phillips Lake is also producing some fantastic Rainbow in the 4-5 lb range. This lake can be moody but when you hit it on a hot day, you can really get into some good fishing! Try using Chironomids like the KFC about 12' - 15' under the indicator. The Balanced Leech is also working well and one fish that was taken turned out to be stuffed full of green dragon fly nymphs. I have had some success out there using a Black Leech with a red bead head on it. This lake also has a great May Fly hatch which will happen on those sunny afternoons so watch for them and take advantage of the fish that go into a feeding frenzy.

I managed to get out on Easter Sunday and spend a couple of hours on Shuswap Lake. I had some luck using Bills Little Brown Trout. I found the water temperature to be 3deg F different from Harolds Park to the Sunnybrae bluffs. The bluffs were warmer and the fish seemed to be more active. I ended up switching to my version of the Tequila Sunrise and hit a fish within a minute of having it out. I lost the first fish, then lost the second fish before finally landing the third fish that took the Bucktail. Sheena came out with me for a little while and also had some good luck on a Tequila Sunrise but she was unable to land any of the takers. I boated 4 fish on Sunday with the largest being about 3 lbs, we lost about a dozen others in the 4 hours that we were out on the water and enjoyed some calm waters and sunny periods which really added to the day.

Come on by the shop and we will gladly help you get geared up and give you advice to make your next fishing adventure a success.

Enjoy Your Outdoors.

The Shuswap Shore Line

The Shuswap Lake is still on fire with some great Rainbow and Lake Trout being caught in the top 30` of water. The Shuswap Bucktail along with some of our other locally tied patterns are giving anglers opportunities at fish into the double digits. A type 6 or heavier wet line trolled slowly along the [...]

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The Shuswap river is really heating up now. There are plenty of fish in the system and the pools are teeming with great Chinook. The fish break the surface of the water as they over crowd the pools and their aggression builds. The favourite pools such as Cook Creek and Kingfisher are doing quite well [...]

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Salmon Report - August 21, 2013

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Fraser River Closure

The Fraser river has been closed to all salmon fishing in fresh and salt water portions.Please take a look at the fisheries notices by following the provided link

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Hyas Lake

Good fishing for rainbows 14-18". Flies too use are mayflies size 12-14 pheasant tail, damsels size 12-10 pale olive to mustard yellow troll using full sink lines or sink tips.Chironomids size 12-14 green, green red butt, chromie red or black rib, use 9' to 16' leaders with or without strike indicators. Water temp was 58 [...]

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Fishing Report - July 16, 2013

Shuswap Lake:The big lake has been fishing fairly decent with some great rainbow being taken between 30'- 60' in depth. Apex, Lyman plugs, Brads Cut Plugs and Crocs are all great choices for this time of year. Troll them at a faster pace than the spring fishery between 2.5MPH - 3MPH. If its Lakers you [...]

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