Shuswap Lake (and other stuff)

So its been some time since i put up a fishing report and really i have kinda been all over the place to a number of different lakes. The small mountain lakes have been quite hot. Ive been up to some lakes out in ashton creek dale, elbow and grassy all of which are fishing great. Ive been to wallensteen and kernaghan lks. I really do love hitting up some of these small mountain lakes its not all about the fishing its kinda the adventure of the whole day. A rough back road drive to the lake, being up in the hills and forest, maybe taking the guns and doing a bit off target shooting, roasting a hot dog and just having a fun day out in the backcountry. If you want to do a trip up to a small elevation lake there really is not alot for fishing you will need to take. First is a boat. Some lakes have boat access some don't. I fish out of a belly boat and love it. The new style belly boats really are not what they used to be. I call them floating lazyboys. You sit right up out of the water and have just your knees dangling in. I wear breathable waders as in the summer they are way more comfy and i don't sweat as much in them. For fly's if you have 3 drys tom thumb, caddis and a sedge you will be good to go. As for wets i still carry chironomids, leetchs, dragons, caddis and damsels. So get up in the high hills over the next month. Come in and ask me i have a ton of lakes i could send you to and if you do go take the bug'll be mad at yourself for forgetting it.

Last week i was on the shuswap three days guiding with blindbay adventures. I had two great days and one stinker. The first day out we had a bit of a surprise catching a wack of kokanee., all i did was run my type 6 fly line which sinks 20 ft with a dick nite nickel red head lure on the end and that proceeded through the rest of the week.. Rainbows seemed to be few and far between as i only managed two small ones. Lakers were their usual selves hitting apex lures in black, blue and green down at 60 to 70 ft on the riggers.. We fished the mouth of the Adams river every morning with limited success. most of the action came on bucktails and minnow muddlers. The lake this time of year can really have its moments but the best advice i can give you is get up and get out early. Be done by 11:30 12:00 kinda thing or go out late like the last two hours before dark.

The rivers are starting to heat up even with the water a bit high still. The Adams has been giving up nice fish on drys and stone flys. I have heard quite a few reports of great days out there so i might just have to swing out there and give it a go. There really is nothing like hitting a fish on the dry in a river.

The salmon are in and the shuswap river is now open as well as mable lake for salmon fishing. make sure you have your salmon tag and plsssss read your regulations. I think this is going to be a great year for Chinooks if the early fish that are already in are any indication

Stop in and see us we have no secrets and will be glad to help you get into fish up high in the small lakes, shuswap lake or the rivers for trout or salmon.

happy fishing