Browning Toddler Woollybear Snowsuit RT Xtra

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  • Lined and insulated for superior warmth
  • 100% polyester body with PU waterproofing
  • Funneled hood decreases facial exposure
  • Velcro closure front zipper shield
This toddler's Browning Woolybear Snowsuit will ensure your little one is warm and cozy this winter. The body made of 100% polyester, this lined and insulated snowsuit features a polyurethane waterproof coating, making sure your child is always warm and dry when he plays in the snow. The attached hood is funneled to decrease facial exposure, and a Velcro closure shields the front zipper, keeping wind and snow out of the suit. Realtree graphics with the Browning logo on the left breast offer subtle styling that lets your one dress just like Mom and Dad.