Eberlestock Blue Widow Pack

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Compressed Volume: 2,200 c.i.
Total (Expanded) Volume: 4,700 c.i.
Weight: 7 lbs 8 oz
Dimensions (compressed): 25"h x 13"w x 7"d

The JP9 Blue Widow is a distilled version of our J-type packs, featuring our patented Cam Expansion system. It fills the roles of three packs in one: removable Fanny-Top fanny pack, compact main pack, and expanded meat-hauling or freight-hauling mode. For comparison, it's essentially a Dragonfly with the scabbard layer removed. The main vertical pockets and utility expansion compartment are attached directly to the main frame panel, creating a pack that protrudes a relatively shallow amount relative to the wearer's body. The pack performs beautifully under a wide range of load conditions. We added a larger Flex Chassis which can fold forward for use as a seat. Like our other J-type packs, the JP9 Blue Widow can be expanded by adding one of our J-type duffel bag accessories.

The JP9 now comes with the "Intex II" tubular aluminum perimeter frame. This revolutionary frame design gives the J-type packs the structural character of a full-metal external frame, but the quietness and comfort of an internal frame pack.