Eberlestock Mainframe Pack

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Weight: 4 lbs 5 oz
Dimensions: 26"h x 11"w

Do you want your pack to be ultra light, or ultra capable? Ultra comfortable? Ultra versatile? How about all of the above?

The F1 Mainframe represents what is arguably the greatest innovation in modern pack making: with it, we crack the holy grail of a great modular pack system. It will haul any man-portable load with the same alacrity and a lot more comfort (and quiet) than a giant freighter frame. But unlike any other pack system, from this load bearing workhorse you can built a true ultra-light pack simply by adding one of our J2DB Dry Bags. Underlying this fact is the reality that you will have a great deal more capability with you than with any other "lightweight" system. Alternatively, combine it with one of our duffels, dry bags, or zip-on packs to build the style of pack that you need.

With dozens of possible combinations, from the Mainframe you can build what the mission of the day calls for, so you can always have the right gear, right when you need it. The modular system works with over 15 Eberlestock add-on accessories the Mainframe can function as a freight pack or a day pack, and transform to a meat hauler within seconds. With our solid NT7 or 1000-denier nylon fabric, depending on your color choice, coupled with our ultra-light Intex ll aluminum frame, the Mainframe shaves off pounds while maintaining superior strength and comfort. Stop settling for "some of the above" and move over to "All of the Above". Eberlestock's new mainframe, an essential part of your next great adventure.
Intex ll aluminum frame.

  • Zippered attachment points compatible with our duffels, drybags, and more.
  • Full MOLLE webbing matrix covers main panel to attach scabbards, pouches, etc.
  • Three built in horizontal compression straps for securing your gear.
  • Adjustable ladder harness system. Makes customizing the fit quick and easy
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.


  • Transformer
  • Little Big Top
  • Batwing Pouch
  • Spike Camp Duffel
  • Super Spike Camp Duffel
  • J-pack Dry Bag