Hard Core Canada Geese, Feeder, 6 pk

Hard Core
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Full-body goose decoys need to have two things for you to have a successful hunting season. One, they need to be extremely lifelike to fool geese, and two; they need to be indestructibly durable. You’ll get all of that and more with the Hard Core Full Body Canada goose decoys. The DuraMold™ bodies offer amazingly realistic poses and the Hard Core A.C.P.™ Armor Coated Paint lasts for seasons of hard hunting. The TruMotion™ base system creates lifelike movement in your spread that will bring even the weariest birds in. The Feeder Six-Pack includes two Feeders, two Hungry Feeders, two Active Feeders and six TruMotion bases.


(Includes 2 Feeders, 2 Hungry Feeders, 2 Active Feeders & 6 TruMotion Bases)