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Hot Spot Original Flasher

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Glow In The Dark Mylar

When the glow hot spot flasher is "charged", using a spotlight, flash, or just from the sun, it emits a powerful luminescence that fish will pick up at any depth. Ideal for fishing deep, or in low light conditions.

The high flash and multi colour diffraction of this series, reflects the full colour spectrum at 20' or the blues and greens as depth increases. The stripe accentuates these colours depending on the depth of water being fished.
Transparent Pearl

As the name says the translucent finish allows light to pass through the flasher. The crushed mylar reflects it at a multitude of angles offering an extremely subtle presentation.
Crushed Pearl

This series combines the coloured transparency of the blade surrounding the textured surface of the mylar that reflects light at a multitude of angles.
Mirror Mylar

The mirror reflection of this series gives maximum flash like a "lightning burst". High visibility attracts fish from a greater distance than conventional finishes.

Straight chrome and brass finishes have been a staple in tackle boxes since the early days of fishing, now available in the hot spot flasher.
Custom Series

This custom series which includes West Coast special and Lake Ontario special are new to our lineup of flashers. New mylars giving super fine reflection, some complimented with new specially formulated coatings, offer unique and diverse presentations. All finishes are applied to a clear blade. Please contact the factory if different blade colours are required.
Glow Splatter Back

The combination of this impregnated glow blade, intense ultraviolet finishes with a highly reflective silver mylar back makes this series ideal in all light conditions.
Great Lakes Series A

The Great Lakes series A and B feature flashers carefully designed by professional Lake Ontario fishermen. These latest Hot Spot finishes are specially designed to match the water color and light conditions of the lake. The Blue Angel and others are proven salmon catchers.
Great Lakes Series B
Custom Series B

This series features holographic scale tape over ultraviolet color, combining with the salmonbelly white back side to produce an amazingly realistic predator fish appearance.
Plaid Mylar

Holographic tape on the front side of this series results in a multi coloured burst reflection from the front and a coloured burst on the flip side determined by the blade colour itself.