Primos Stray Cat Motion Decoy

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Extensive testing has proven the Stray Cat’s™ random & spontaneous motions trigger a variety of instinctive predator emotions:
• Pure Hunger
• Opportunistic Food
• Territorial/ Aggressive Competition

The secret behind the Stray Cat™ is the realistic random motion and jointed flexible tail. These movements are just like a real living animal and resemble a cat, which predators acknowledge as competition and food. The Stray Cat™ is so realistic it keeps predators engaged, bringing them right to the decoy with no hanging up.

Compatible with Turbo Dogg, Alpha Dogg and Boss Dogg.

  • Patent Pending
  • Realistic black cat tail motion technology
  • 3 random motions to choose from
  • 50 yard LCD remote
  • Jointed, flexible animal tail imitates realistic wagging motion
  • Operates at all angles
  • Sturdy tri pod legs for height control and stability
  • Can be used in conjunction with Primos Electronic Callers