Smokehouse Gas Smoker Cooker

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The Smokehouse Gas Smoker Cooker is constructed of heavy duty steel and is the ultimate in versatile smoking and cooking for any types of foods. The smoker cooker is loaded with features allowing for easy use and maximum flexibility when smoking or cooking, or a combination of both. It will maintain low temperatures and incorporates the ability to use wood chunks to produce the perfect smoky flavor. From jerky to sausage to burgers, ribs and briskets, the Gas Smoker Cooker is the deluxe all-in-one smoker.

Additional features of the Gas Smoker Cooker include...

  • Rotary igniter starts the unit instantly
  • 14,500 BTU brass burner
  • 635 Square inch cooking area
  • 4 Adjustable chrome-plated steel cooking grills that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Flame centered wood chip/chunk box
  • Insulated door ensures safe cooking
  • Attached to any propane gas tank
  • Magnetic door closure
  • Constructed of sturdy, heavy duty steel
  • Heavy duty handles makes it easy to move at only 40 lbs total weight
  • CSA compliant
  • Shipping Container: 18"H x 19"W x 34"L

Note: The Gas Smoker Cooker is for outdoor use only. A propane tank is not included. If stored indoors, detach the propane tank and leave it outdoors. This unit is not intended for commercial use.