Fishing Report - April 8, 2013

The Shuswap has been producing a lot of great fish. Type 6 wet lines on your fly rod will work the best when you troll 1-1.3MPH. Stay along the shoals in 20'-50' of water and look for those fry to be surfacing. I am having some of my best luck along the gravel shorelines where the fry seam to be gathering to feed on the hatching chironomids. The larger fish will target these areas to feed on those fry. The Tequila Sunrise is still the best Bucktail out there with customers boating several large fish on it and returning for more of them. Todd is tying 8-10 a night and he puts them up on the wall at 9:30. Most mornings these flies are gone by 11 so if you're looking to get your hands on the hottest Bucktail for the Big Lake, be here early or you'll miss out.

White Lake has turned over but the fish are still in deep water. The best fishing results have been coming from anglers who anchor up on the shoals and cast out off the drop off. Run a chromie chironomid about 15 feet under your indicator and get ready for some good fishing. Micro leaches are also going to get you into fish along with dragon fly patters fished down along the weed beds. I have always had good success fishing dark purple leach patters with silver bead heads and Idaho Nymphs fished on a wet line and a slow troll. These two patterns will produce fish at any time of the year out on this tough to fish lake.

Gardom Lake if open and reports coming in say that it's a little slow. The lake hadn't turned over yet so the fishing can be moody. Work a Gomphus Dragon fly pattern along the weed beds and shoals and you will pick up some fish that can be upwards of 5lbs.

My friend and I averaged 16"-19" and released some that were 22" and better. We had a few double headers and a lot of laughs together that day.

Enjoy Your Outdoors!