Salmon Season

Salmon season is in full swing and we are getting reports of some very nice fish being taken out of Mable lake and the Shuswap river systems. Anglers are having success in the Shuswap river floating roe, casting spoons in the holding pools and the bridge fishing in Enderby is starting to produce fish. Mable lake will give up her Salmon if you run large Apex, J-Plugs, Lymans, Coyote spoons and FST's off the down riggers between 80'-120' in depth. Come by the shop and we will set you up with the right gear for the area that you are looking to fish. Please read the fresh water Salmon Supplement on line or come by the store for a copy. The regulations and seasons have changed in most rivers in our area this year so don't get caught on the illegal side of the fence. If there are any questions, we will happily lend a hand in answering them.

I am heading to the Fraser on Tuesday to fish for the Chinook down at Hope. Chinook numbers are strong and the Fraser will have some great fish in the 40# range and I am hoping to get a crack at one. The sockeye return is poor again this year but we are all hoping that the numbers increase enough to allow for a small sport fishing window. We will keep posting the link to the fisheries notice so that everyone can keep an eye on the Fraser river sockeye updates.

Follow this link to check for the in season regulation changes

I will update everyone on the status of the Fraser when I return

Enjoy Your Outdoors!